Metropolitan East Sewer District

Frontier Services, Inc. was awarded an ID/IQ contract to characterize subsurface materials, at specified locations along the Mississippi River Levee System in the Metro East Sanitary District (MESD), Illinois, reaches 865+40 to 1110+00 and 1242+50 to 1307+60.

The drilling program included 118 locations immediately landside and riverside of the Metro East Sanitary District, St. Clair and Madison County, IL.  Borings were advanced using rotary drilling methods and soils were sampled with standard, split-spoon samplers.  In addition to the conventional borings, electronic cone penetrometer borings were conducted at 95 specific boring locations.

Drilling activities were conducted across multiple properties within a highly-industrialized corridor stretching from Madison to East St. Louis, inclusive of a petroleum storage facility, coal storage and shipping yard, electrical power plant, industrial incinerator, casino, and St. Louis Terminal Railroad, among other challenging sites.