Remediation Construction

Frontier has managed Remediation Construction efforts at numerous federal installations throughout the country.

Our unique blend of engineering and environmental remediation talent allows us to readily manage complex environmental restoration projects requiring a broad base of expertise.  In addition, the ability to quickly manage unforeseen subsurface conditions can make the difference between a marginal effort and a highly successful installation.

Frontier’s remediation and restoration construction expertise includes both Federal and commercial projects under a variety of regulatory requirements including RCRA, CERCLA, and state lead programs.

  • Soil removal, transportation, disposal
  • On-site treatment and stabilization
  • In-situ sparge, vent and injection systems
  • In/ex-situ bioremediation
  • Groundwater pump and treat systems
  • Well/extraction systems
  • Deep trenching / permeable reactive barrier walls
  • Landfill caps and closure
  • Facility decontamination and demolition
  • UST removal/closure services
  • Remedial system O&M
  • Wetlands construction/mitigation
  • Site decontamination/restoration
  • Associated clean construction