USACE Memphis New Madrid Culvert Replacement

Frontier Services, Inc. was awarded a fixed unit rate contract for pipe jack and bore services to replace Culvert #4 in New Madrid, Missouri.

The project entailed the installation of a new culvert by boring and jacking methods including: excavation, backfill placement/compaction, clearing and grubbing, disposal of materials, rip rap, installation of a new 48” RCP carrier pipeline inside 56” steel casing, demolition and tie-in to an existing junction box, installation of new sluice gate, construction of a new walkway (access bridge), construction of a new concrete outlet structure, removal of the existing flap gate hardware, grouting of the existing culvert, fill placement at the outlet channel, establishment of turf, and environmental protection.

Steel sheet piling was installed beneath the outlet structure to prevent erosion of underlying soil and pervious fill material.