USACE St Louis Levee Repairs and Restoration

Frontier Services, Inc. as part of the Frontier-Arrowhead Joint Venture, LLC was awarded an ID/IQ contract to repair damaged levee embankments located along a stretch of the Mississippi River in Lincoln County, Missouri, northwest of St. Louis.

The work area encompasses approximately 80 linear miles of levees across five levee districts:  Winfield, Winfield Pin Oaks, Cap Au Gris, Foley, and Brevator. Levee damage in this work area ranged from nominal wave wash erosion to full breaches and slides. The contract also included culvert (gravity drain) replacement, erosion control, bank stabilization, turf restoration and road repairs.

Within 48 hours of the NTP, the project team generated all critical project work plans, secured critical subcontractors, arranged living accommodations, and procured project equipment and supplies. All heavy construction equipment and temporary site facilities were deployed within 72 hours.